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We provide the tool of choice for all horse racing enthusiasts wishing to have the relevant global information at their fingertips.


We provide easy access to horse racing information visualized in its context for different stakeholders.


Quality is our top concern! Whenever possible, our information is based on original data unless they are obviously wrong.


Stay up to date

Are you still searching or are you already informed? Do you have the skills to get your data on worldwide platforms and the right method to hold them updated?

To search in different tools is one thing – to hold this data updated is the other reason, why we offer these services.

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Geri Moser, CEO & founder

About Us

Necessity Is The Mother of Invention.

We combine our enthusiasm and knowledge of horse racing with the latest data analysis and visualization at a global scale.

Who We Are

Our team consists of horseracing enthusiasts and data scientists fascinated in international racing and breeding.

What We Do

On a single platform we integrate data from around the globe and provide easily accessible, augmented services.


These tools are a must is an amazing informative site for international Arabian horseracing covering all elements at a single point of access, including pedigrees, trainers, horses, jockeys, raceforms and statistics. These tools are a must for any Arabian horseracing enthusiast at any level.

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Genny Haynes Commercial & Finance Director Arabian Racing Organisation Ltd

Free Tool

Online Worldwide Race Calendar

We offer a free race calendar for Purebred Arabian races, which delivers pre-race and after-race information. The calendar contains race cards, visualized race forms, and a comparison between the running horses. A consistent coloring scheme simplifies and supports the instantaneous comprehension of the huge amount of information available. The WebApp is accessible by mobile devices.



Race Calendar for Purebred Arabians:

Currently covering more than 30 countries on 6 continents.

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Our Services

We Offer Services for Racing and Breeding.

Making worldwide data available in a high quality is a tedious job. If you are interested in the global developments of horseracing, you may not have the time to find, organize, and integrate the dispersed data. You may lack the required language, currency conversion and other skills needed to unify the data to make them comparable at a global scale. Our team has these skills. organizes the flood of data for your convenience. Proper analysis and visualization tools deliver an optimal foundation for your information needs.

Free Public Online Worldwide Race Calendar (WebApp)

We integrate and visualize data from different sources and make them available on mobile online-tools including race cards, race forms, results, and head-to-head comparisons.

"horse racing information and analysis tool" (horiat)

Our nonpublic web portal "horiat" offers comprehensive data, visualized in its context. Completed with a powerful search engine, cross references, and analyses your browsing becomes an information experience.


I find my requested information

Looking for relevant racing data in different sources is a thing of the past – delivers information according to my needs.

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Sandra Lony, Owner & Breeder of Thoroughbreds in Germany


Further Extend Data Coverage and Tools

We want to provide all interested parties with high quality, visualized global horse racing and breeding data.

Current Focus

We focus on global racing and breeding data to get the big picture. We have already a good overview of the Purebred Arabian scene. Currently we are working to increase the coverage of countries.

Next Steps

Our "horse racing information and analysis tool" (horiat) will be released as a next step. In addition, we want to intensify the collaboration and include additional national and international racing and breeding associations.


Each breeder and new target groups

With the visualized information, each serious breeder and in specific new target groups in big markets can be optimally served.

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Kai Sagemueller, Owner & Breeder of Purebred Arabians in Russia @ Kavkaz Bloodstock & Racing

Investor Relations

Concept - Seed - Early Stage: Done. Now Looking for Growth Capital.

Our start-up has released a productive online race calendar and developed a prototype for our unique "horse racing information and analysis tool" (horiat). For the scaling phase we are looking for financial support.

Where We Stand

We have set up processes and tools to integrate horse racing and breeding information from different sources and countries on a daily basis. On the one hand, we use this knowledge to provide our daily updated online race calendar for Purebred Arabian. On the other hand, we have developed a prototype for our "horse racing information and analysis tool" (horiat) with integrated data and analyses covering more than 30 countries.


We are looking for an investor to finance reaching productivity level, and later on, the growth of our cutting-edge "horse racing information and analysis tool" (horiat).

We would be pleased to send you more information.
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First Mover And Unique Tools

The skills enables the unique integration of traditional horse racing with cutting-edge technologies:

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